Saturday, November 3, 2012

Well, the bad news is that I'm not going to have the publishing adventure I thought I might.  In the process of thinking through publishing IN ANTARCTICA, I went looking for a publisher who could help me with distribution.  I got in touch with Howard White at Harbour Publishing, but instead of talking about a distribution deal, he asked to see the manuscript and now Nightwood Editions, an imprint of Harbour, is going to publish the book this coming spring.

It will be its own big adventure -- there is a big exhibit at the Royal BC Museum called Race to the End of the Earth which will be on from May until October so I'm hoping to do all I can to get this book out there.  The show looks like it will be fabulous and I'm not above dressing up penguin-like to flog books.

For me, the gift is that I get to put all my energy into rewriting and making the best book I can over the next few months and that's an adventure I'm up for.

Stay tuned for updates.

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